How It Works

How Our Online Pharmacy Works

Our online pharmacy service lets you order prescription medicines in a few simple steps.  With fast discreet shipping, you could have your medicines within 24 hours of ordering.

1. Complete an online consultation

Browse our website to find your ailment from the various categories. From there you will be asked to complete an online medical consultation, this usually takes less then 5 minutes and will help our prescriber determine which medicines are suitable for you.

We have made our online consultations as quick and easy as possible, it is important that you complete them honestly and in full so we can provide the most accurate medicines suitable for you and your condition.

2. Choose your treatment

Once you have completed the online medical consultation you will be shown medicines suitable to you and your condition.  You can choose your desired medicines and head straight to checkout.

3. Receive your delivery

After completing your purchase, we will dispense your medicines quickly at our pharmacy (once approved by our prescriber and prescription issued).  These will be packaged discreetly and shipped direct to you using your selected delivery method.

Standard and Next Day delivery options are available, so you can have your medicines in as little as 24 hours.

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