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Opioid and Z-Drugs Policy

MedsOnline247 Limited takes the prescribing of opioid-based medicines and Z-Drugs very seriously.  Opioid based medicines and painkillers, such as codeine, tramadol, co-codamol, dihydrocodeine, and co-dydramol, can be highly addictive.  Z-Drugs such as Zaleplon, Zolpidem, and Zopiclone used to treat severe insomnia can also be highly addictive.  We must, therefore, ensure they are being prescribed correctly and used in a safe and appropriate manner.

The prescribing of opioid medicines and Z-Drugs shall be done so under the following guidelines:

·     – Each customer shall only be prescribed one type of opioid medicine or Z-Drug at any one time.

·     – Customers will be expected to provide detailed information regarding their ailment for which they require such medicines.

·     – There shall be a maximum number of tablets/capsules/caplets which can be dispensed at any one time. MedsOnline247 Limited follows the dispensing and dosage guidelines as set out by the BNF (British National Formulary).  You may refer to these guidelines when placing an order.

·     – In accordance with BNF dosage guidelines, orders placed for opioid medicines and Z-Drugs before previous orders have been correctly administered shall be placed on hold until the correct time for dispensing.

·     – Should we become aware that a customer has ordered opioid medicines or Z-Drugs from ourselves and other suppliers we may reduce or cancel an order in line with BNF dosage guidelines.

·     – Customers should use their own cards to order opioid-based medicines and Z-Drugs.  In exceptional circumstances where another person’s card is used, then additional proof of ID or home address may be required.

·     – For patients under the age of 21, permission will be sort from their GP before prescribing opioids medicines and Z-Drugs.

·     – Multiple orders for opioid-based medicines or Z-drugs from customers who share the same address or have close proximity are likely to be refused and their accounts closed.

·     – Customers who purchase opioid medicines or Z-Drugs regularly shall be subject to routine reviews by our clinical lead.

·      – In addition to an online medical questionnaire, patients requesting opioid-based medicines or Z-drugs will need to successfully complete a telephone consultation with a prescriber.

·      – To order opioid medicines or Z-drugs you will need to provide your usual GP practice details (if you have one) and consent to us contacting them regarding your order.

·      – If you provide details of a usual GP practice, we will notify them first before any opioid-based medicine or Z-drug is prescribed. is a responsible provider of prescription medicines and every measure will be taken to ensure that potentially dangerous drugs such as opioid-based medicines and Z-Drugs are being ordered and used correctly.  This policy is in place to prevent such medicines from being misused in any way.

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